Sunday, June 24, 2012

OMG! I know I have not been in this blog for like about six months or something like that, and I haven't been exactly aware of Agyness in that time, I mean, I see a picture of her here and there but nothing stalkarish anymore or something. But I was going through the tumblr tag today and OMFG! What I found out, I don't know if any of you are still in blogspot or even if you are still subscribed to this blog, or read it anymore or something but in case you don't know... and believe I found out today, Agyness was dating actor Giovanni Ribisi (which I like, specially his work in "The Other Sister") anyway, apparently their relationship never went public or whatever but that is not the news I'm trying to give, the news are that they apparently sursprisingly got married! It has already been confirmed by the rep of Giovanni Ribisi . Sources here & here. Any thoughts?

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Agustina said...


Chrisopher said...

It's been a long time,You look great!

Anonymous said...

Giovanni'Ribisi's ex-wife actress Mariah O'brien was arrested recently and charged with 23 felonies
Her current Husband Anthony Trae Carlson was arrested and charged with 40 felonies
(Trae Carlson Is Carol Burnett's former son in law)
Trae Carlson's 68yr old mother Arvin Joyce Carlson was also arrested and charged with 23 felonies.
the trio was charged with running a Ponzi Scheme in Indiana and California.

The Trial date Is set for this upcoming July 18th 2012
The Carlson lost their Federal Case in Indiana in 2010

they were selling fraudulent Securities without a license
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Mariah O'Brien and Trae also are being charge with bilking investors with a phony Record Company Mercy Records in California
the couple was representing a handful of Scientology acts and clients.

the couple and their families and business associates are currently being investigated by the LA County Major fraud unit

Steven Brown said...

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Unknown said...

I think It's great that she've found someone with passing her life!!! All the best wishes for her!!
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welcome back. All the best wishes for agyness!

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Naomi said...

whhhaat!? (im still following you

HIRO said...

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Sassi said...

love your longer hair!

cyanfotografi said...

wow Good Job...

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you got some lovely photos here. it was a pleasure to drop by and view them.

Sichtbar said...

Oh my, really?! I dont knew this!! But they are pretty together. :)


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