Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vogue China November 2008

The second page is an interview of her:
here is the translation:
AD: Agyness Deyn
Agyness Deyn
Occupation: Model
Do you like today's styling?
AD: I love it, actually, i think i can dress like that every day. My grandma frequently kept saying: 'Don't always reserve the best for the fairest occasions. You should wear the best apparel daily.
'What is your impression of a vogue woman?
AD: I think Chinese girls are really fashionable, they dare to try every cutting edge trend, but at the same time, they carry it naturally. Just like today's styling, I think it looks really relaxed.
What is your tips on beauty and health?
AD: When I'm not working, I usually don't wear make-up, I'm conscious of keeping enough sleeps and drinking lots of water. Quite often I love to go to Christine Chin salon in New York to have facial treatments. I love to work out, I've just started practicing an exercise called "Easy" at David Barton gym, besides, I go swimming regularly, when i'm out, I love cycling.
In light of the Fall 2008 trend, what's your favourite designers piece?
AD: I love Loewe's designs, especially that black fur coat and the shoes from that collection, the heels are in sphere shape. Burberry's designs are great as well, it reminds me of "Annie Hall" the film. Apart from that, Henry Holland is always my favourite.
In London, where do you like to shop at?
AD: My favourite vintage store is "Beyond retro" on Brick Lane of East London.
When you are free, what do you like to do?
AD: My favourite thing to do is to get on the double decker sight-seeing bus, sitting on the open-top upper level, to see those well-known historical architecture, like the Buckingham Palace. I also enjoy touring around Greenwich by boat. I like go to bars very much, particularly at "The Princess of Wales" pub at Primrose Hill of London. I also have a band of my own, we've just performed at "Industry" in Curtain Street. Right now I am working with the band "Five O'Clock Heroes" and a single called "Who" is released.
What are you listening to at the moment?
AD: The new album of Animal Collective and Albert Hammond Jr, i like the songs of "The Doors" and "Talking Heads" very much too.


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Gracias por poner la entrevista!!
Por las fotos y lo que dice parece que es de hace unos meses, pero siempre esta bien saber cosas de ella. :)