Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Agyness Deyn Is Permanently Happy!!

source: Mr. Paparazzi
Yesterday (Oct. 26) we caught up with model of the moment Agyeness Deyn out and about with her designer friend Henry Holland. After a short walk around the West Village the trendy duo headed to Marc Jacobs for a spot of shopping.
Now maybe you could help us out with this bit, we’re trying to remember if we’ve ever seen pictures of Agy without a big fat grin on her chops. Aside from when she struts her stuff on the catwalk we’re pretty sure this girl is permanently happy, how exhausting! Not that we’re jealous or anything, it’s nice that her life’s so great. No seriously, we genuinely mean it, weird huh, maybe we’re coming down with something.


mau said...

quien es el chico qe sale en las fotos?

MR style said...

aggy still looks fab !!
ps : mau : the guy with her is designer Henry Holland

giiOpyy said...

besiitoss muiin liindas fotoss
aggy es preciiosaaa

stateofdreams said...

Me encanta su cazadora de cuero!


Anonymous said...

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