Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Meisel working with Aggy

Where? The Vogue Italy of January.
How? The whole concept of twittering is used, is a whole editorial with lots of amazing photographs all
pictured and featured in the same way. Like if it was twitter. I find this interesting and definitely not
something you usually find in editorial. But then again, is Steven Meisel we are talking about.
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If you want to see a bigger version of this last picture, FEEL FREE TO CLICK HERE
By the way, congrats to my grandma, today is her 82th birthday.


Blaanca said...

es genial, con su vestido print. :)

Cola├žo said...

ahah I love her so much!!

Antonio Barros said...

Congratulations for your grandma!!! :)

M said...

Q bella, me encanta su estilo

M . said...

Great blog!

Agustina said...

me encanta

Tiffany said...

Happy b day to your grandma

Christina Love said...


Katty* said...

eu tenho essa VOGUE!! OMG!