Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miles Kane & Agyness @ Hampstead Heath

I am so in love with the following pictures guys! I DO REALLY LIKE this couple. I haven't like an Agyness boyfriend since Josh Hubbard (sorry, I never really liked Albert)

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Double Date Time:
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Alex & Alexa/Agyness & Miles


Emjey said...

Me encantan me encantan me encaaantan los 4! y las parejas más, que linda noticia me diste (L)

Jonathan said...

ese dude c parece a pol macarnyyy xD

The Fashion Inquisitor said...

You really need to tell me how you get such dope pictures =]

Double date? dang what a lucky girl

btw I love the dress in the bottom photo and your hair

Anonymous said...

I love the last photo. Alexa and Agyness are my inspiration. Wish I was both of those girl's

Anonymous said...

The Fashion Inquisitor, he/she get's them from her thread on The Fashion Spot. :)

sharpie said...

I absolutely love your blog! The pics you post of agyness are so cute! if you want to check out my fashion blog it's:

love it!

Giio said...


Geniales esas fotoss

zoë said...

aawww they are soooso cute .
and that would indubitably be the double date of the century .

x love .

i heart fashion said...

Such a cute couple :-) .x.