Monday, December 15, 2008

in London December 12, 2008

Agyness Deyn to be the new "Barbie" in 2009?
Aggy has been informed that there's a doll set to be released next year which sports her two biggest assets. Her hair and her fashion sense!
"I have seen the doll and it is the spitting image of Agyness," an informant told the UK's Daily Mail.
Rumour has it the manufacturers have been as tight lipped as nuns when it comes to slipping any info on the doll.
Aggy hasn't seen the doll but her spokesperson told DM that "It has absolutely nothing to do with her. She has not put her name to anything like that."
Lawsuit anyone?

If we end having an Agyness Doll I will buy it, and it will
look something like this:


Little J. said...

amoo su bolsaa
una barbie agyness es facil de hacer xD

PILAR said...

me gusta su estilo,
pero creo que ese bolso no tiene mucho que ver


Maria said...

Sus looks informales son los que más me gustan, como este o el del post anterior.

Lo de la muñeca puede ser divertidisimo, aunque creo que ya estoy un poco mayor para jugar con muñecas XDDDD

giiOpyy said...

AGGY diviinhaa
cm siempree
un look unicoo