Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas tree and treasure hunt party hosted by Katie Grand at the Royal Academy of Arts, 10.12.08

She's previously claimed to not be a fan of fur coats - but British supermodel Agyness Deyn looked pretty snug in this furry looking jacket as she left a party.The 25-year-old was spotted leaving a Christmas bash at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, in the body-length coat, a tight-fitting pink dress and matching bright pink hair band.Last month Agyness -who dates Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jnr - was pictured wearing an anti-fur sticker on her top. (N/A kind of hypocrite, I the one of the blogger, thinks, if this was real fur)

But her glamorous winter jacket indicates she's either changed her mind about the controversial subject or has gone out and found a convincing fake.Just a day ago the model was pounding the freezing streets of New York in a woollen hat and thick scarf - but showing she has a versatile wardrobe she was in navy blue duffle coat.

Agyness is planning to settle down in the Big Apple with her rock star boyfriend. The peroxide-blonde left the party - which had a Christmas tree and treasure hunt theme - by taxi with British fashion designer Henry Holland.

"If there is something i don't like about Agyness... is her legs"

with Kelly Brook at the Christmas party

Kelly Brook, Agyness Deyn, Katie Grand, Beth Ditto and Giles Deacon


Maria said...

No me extrañaría nada que fuese piel falsa. Siempre la he admirado por no tener ese tipo de complejos para la ropa. El vestido me encanta , por otra parte. :)
Y, respecto a lo de las piernas...a mí me gustan sus piernas, pero no sé cómo se las apaña para tenerlas siempre llenas de moratones!

Anonymous said...

have you seen aggy in this?