Sunday, November 30, 2008

Agyness Deyn in Stardoll

Yes! our lovely Agyness finally has win her place in Personally... I so love her as a doll, and of course I even dress her with some of her classic-eve inmortal- looks! so here they are, look some sneek-peeks

Remeber... if you want to dress Agyness in STARDOLL.. you have to join stardoll!


Anto said...

Me encanta el blog. Tendrás los photoshoots de la campaña de Madame?

Little J. said...

por fin la podras elegir :p

giiOpyy said...

AGGy siempre hermoosaa

Maria said...

Me he hecho socia de Stardoll solo para poder vestirla. XDDDD